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Three Part learning and discussion series on Palestine/Israel

Part 3: Presentation and Discussion 

Pastor Paul will share and lead a discussion based on his recent experience as part of a Christian Peacemaker Team Delegation (CPT Palestine) to Palestine.

Sunday, July 29 at 1pm in the Fellowship Hall

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Special El Salvador Sunday

In Worship, August 5, 10am

In worship we reflect on and celebrate our relationship with the village of Santa Elena, El Salvador.  Looking back and thinking forward!

After worship, we will have a conversation time with Katharine Andrade-Eekhoff and Oscar Andrade. Kay is the Technical Advisor on Youth Employability for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Latin America and the Caribbean. She has taught and engaged in research in El Salvador on topics ranging from labor markets, poverty, social exclusion, violence, governance and international migration.  Oscar is a consultant for the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives in El Salvador.  They bring a wealth of wisdom and experience to the table for our discussion.    



Centering Prayer

Includes a portion of a psalm, 20 minutes of silence, and brief sharing. Also known as the Prayer of Rest, Centering Prayer is rooted in the mysticism and contemplative practices of the early Christians. Open to all.

Wednesday mornings, 8:30am to 9:00
in the Fellowship Hall

Port townsend Mens Group

Archbishop Romero: Memories and Reflections  by Jon Sobrino

In a moving personal memoir, Sobrino describes how Romero (by reputation a timid, conservative prelate) emerged as the outspoken champion of the poor and suffering people of El Salvador. "Archbishop Romero was a gospel . . . a piece of good news from God to the poor of the world."

and we are eating, fellowshipping, supporting each other, and having a good time!

The second and fourth Fridays of the month at 7am
Hwy 20 Roadhouse (2152 W Sims Way, Port Townsend)


Knitting Circle

Enjoy an hour with your needles and some fellowship!

Every Wednesday at 1pm
in the Fellowship Hall