Sarah 'Dusty' Westall Scholarships

Dusty Westall

Dusty Westall

The First Presbyterian Church of Port Townsend is offering the “SARAH ‘DUSTY’ WESTALL SCHOLARSHIP”.  From this endowed scholarship fund, the church will annually grant college scholarships to students from east Jefferson County.  

  • The scholarship/s will be awarded to students from east Jefferson County who will be attending an accredited Christian college / university during 2018 – 2019.

  • Preference will be given to students participating in First Presbyterian Church of Port Townsend.  

  • Students may reapply annually as long as they maintain good standing in their college / university.

Sarah “Dusty” Westall was a long time member of First Presbyterian Church.  Before her death in 2009 Dusty expressed the desire to assist in the educational pursuits of Christian students in east Jefferson County.  She was a much beloved and skilled primary school educator in Port Townsend and through her generous gift to the church established the endowed scholarship fund.

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